When installing and using the AIR SOX, please read the instructions of our AIR SOX catalogue carefully, and follow the topics below:

Conditions and Environment:

  1. AIR SOX is a new type of heating/cooling system product which is using the principle of natural airflow convection. Please do not use this product for any different purpose as it may cause the product may be damaged or deteriorated, resulting in loss of functionality.
  2. Do not use this product at any environment that could be exposed to rain, wind, ultra-violet or heat outside of AIR SOX as it may trigger a corrosion or condensation of rail equipment.
  3. Basically AIR SOX itself will not get condensed but depending on the environment, layout or setting of air conditioner, air may include humidity and triggers the AIR SOX being wet. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use the AIR SOX with dried inlet air in dehumidified environment.
    (It is said that the most comfortable humidity is approximately 40-70%.).
    Please also note that rail parts could get condensed depending on your environment.
  4. In order to avoid noise or fluttering of AIR SOX, make sure that the inlet air from your chamber is organized. If you are considering to install a dumper to your chamber, please make sure not to make a turbulence as it becomes a cause of noise or fluttering of AIR SOX.
  5. Use the AIR SOX with only the air flow of internal velocity that you initially set or close to it. If the initial flow velocity exceeds 10m/s, it will be a cause of noise or fluttering of AIR SOX.
  6. Do not change the air volume and static pressure that are used for calculation to design AIR SOX, otherwise the AIR SOX may not blow up properly or, again, it could be a cause of noise or fluttering of AIRSOX.
  7. As the textile being clogged with dust or dirt, AIR SOX may reduce their functionality. The clogging speed depends on the climate you use the environment.
    We recommend you to wash AIR SOX are least once in 6 to 12 months, depending on how they are losing their performance. Please also consider installing a HEPA filter on the inlet of AIR SOX.
  8. Do not use in following, but not limited to, conditions to prevent damage or deterioration of AIR SOX:
    ・Any environment with heat, acids, alkalis, salt or smoke dust.
    ・Any environment with flowing metal powder or chemicals.
    ・Any environment with extremely high humidity.
    ・Hot springs.
    ・Offshore environment.
  9. Do not mix the inflowing air with liquids, chemical, gases or anything that are not for air conditioning purpose to air.
  10. Do not user AIR SOX with any conditions that gives continuous vibrations.
  11. Do not give any continuous stress or pressure from outside of AIR SOX

Transportation, Storage and Unpacking:

  1. Storage of AIR SOX must be done with free from water, dust, rain, wind, or direct sunlight.
  2. Please be careful not to scratch the product with cutter, knife or scissors when opening AIR SOX from containers/packages.
  3. Please be careful not to give any damages to AIR SOX before use especially during transportation.


  1. Please follow the instructions of the catalogue carefully when installing AIR SOX.
  2. Please be careful not to damage AIR SOX when installing, as it may give a negative impact to its function.
  3. In case of AIR SOX being damaged before use, do not try fixing it with tape or other method.
  4. Do not make any changes or modification to AIRSOX by yourself as the product may be damaged or lose functionality.
  5. AIR SOX is shrunk when not used but becomes in proper shape by an inside airflow when they are in use. As the AIR SOX may vibrate or move when in they are in use or the air conditioner is turned on/off; please make sure there are nothing around the AIR SOX as it may damage the AIR SOX itself or the anything around it.
    Confirm that there are no projections before installing the product.
  6. If the AIR SOX rails are mounted to ceiling made of a soft material, please make sure to install a supportive equipment such as lightweight angles.
  7. Please be careful not to make any damages to mounting rail.
  8. Please install the AIR SOX with without any twist or bent as it may may cause wrinkles or blurring of it.
  9. Make sure the mounting components and AIRSOX are mounted properly to the ceiling to prevent them falling on people..

Product Warranty:

  • Although the usage conditions are listed as above as a reference, it is very difficult to expect the exact product lifecycle of AIR SOX as it depends on the environment they are used at.
    For this reason, AIR SOX is not set for a certain time period for product warranty.
    Depending on the operating environment and conditions, the product may not be suitable. Therefore, when you are considering to implement the AIR SOX, you are requested to fully consider and evaluate the suitability of the product under actual operating conditions.


OHTSUKA Co., Ltd. provide disclaimer from legal liability from malfunction or damages caused by, but not limited to, the followings.

  1. End users not following the instructions of our catalogue or the cautions above.
  2. The product is used or installed in an environment where deterioration, deterioration, or deformation is expected to occur.
  3. Any modifications to the products by third parties.
  4. Failures of parts or materials of third parties are used.
  5. Artificial mistakes caused during transportation or installation.
  6. AIR SOX used in improper ways or in environments where deterioration, chemical damage or corrosion, are expected (e.g. extremely low or high temperature, highly humid, exposed to ultraviolet rays, etc.)
  7. Failures of air conditioners or machines the AIR SOX are connected.
  8. Deformation or reforming of the end user's facility, such as due to natural disaster, aging degradation, constructions at other areas, etc..
  9. End users or buyers not informing damage and defects found when the AIR SOX are delivered and implemented.
  10. Any malfunctions or damages happened in the same product but purchased from original manufacturers or other distributors.
  11. Any malfunctions or damages caused that could not have foreseen by technical knowledge at the time of product delivery.
  12. Any act of god (natural disaster, typhoon, earthquake, lightning strike, flood, etc.).
  13. Any consequence of human neglects.
  14. Any damages by animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rodents, or bugs.
  15. Any force majeure such as riots and terrorist activities.
  16. Any other malfunctions or damage that does not obviously lead to our fault.