• 1921

    AprilFounded as Ohtsuka Packing.


  • 1950

    NovemberEstablished Ohtsuka Packing Co., Ltd. with capital of JPY 1 million.


  • 1956

    SeptemberLaunched Tokyo Shinagawa Plant and expanded production capacity of gasket packing for automobiles. Increased capital to JPY 4.5 million.


  • 1961

    OctoberLaunched new plant in Ichikawa-shi, Chiba in response to increased orders.


  • 1962

    AugustJoined in technical tie-up with OHLER FLEX ROHR (currently NOVELIS) (Germany) and signed purchasing contract for flexible tube manufacturing machine.



    NovemberIncreased capital to JPY 13.5 million.


  • 1963

    MarchCompleted the first construction of the Ichikawa Plant and started manufacturing flexible tubes.


  • 1965

    NovemberCompleted the extension work of the Ichikawa Plant and moved gasket department of Shinagawa Plant to Ichikawa.


  • 1969

    FebruaryCompleted construction of Ichikawa Plant 2, relocated flexible tube manufacturing department of Ichikawa Plant 1 to integrate production of flexible tube at Ichikawa Plant 1.



    MarchPurchased large flexible tube manufacturing machine from OHLER FLEX ROHR (currently NOVELIS). Started full-scale manufacturing and selling of air-conditioning flexible ducts for construction and delivered them to World Trade Center and Imperial Hotel.



    JuneTriggered by the problem of some automobile defects that was a problem in the market, non-combustible flexible tubes received attention and made an achivement of technological development and production and sales.


  • 1970

    MayPurchased semi-flex tube manufacturing machine from OHLER. Started manufacturing and selling of semi-flex tube, and delivered it to Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel.



    NovemberMoved head office building from Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo to Minami-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. At the same time as celebrating the 50th anniversary of founding, the head office building was completed.



    DecemberThe company name was changed to Ohtsuka Co., Ltd. as we extended manufacturing item lineup.


  • 1972

    AprilLaunched Osaka branch.


  • 1973

    MayJoined in technical tie-up with WALTER STAUFFENBERG, Germany for manufacturing and sales of pipe clamps.


  • 1974

    OctoberFollowing sudden death of former president Yasusaburo Otsuka, Yoshio Otsuka became president. Launched Kyushu branch.


  • 1977

    SeptemberLaunched Nagoya branch.


  • 1978

    JuneCompleted first phase of construction work for Chiba Plant. Started manufacturing and sales of pipe clamps.


  • 1981

    NovemberStarted assembly of flexible hose at Chiba Plant 1.


  • 1987

    DecemberJoined in technical tie-up with Ford Motor Company (USA) for one-touch coupling “SLC.”


  • 1990

    JuneCompleted construction of Chiba Plant 2. Relocated equipment of Ichikawa Plant 2 to expand production capacity of flexible tubes for automobiles.



    OctoberSigned tie-up with LINAK A/S, Denmark for electric actuators.


  • 1991

    FebruaryEstablished Ohtsuka Tech Co., Ltd. for manufacturing gaskets, packings, and pipe clamps.


  • 1995

    AprilIchikawa Plant demerged as Ohtsuka Flex Co., Ltd.



    OctoberEstablished Dalian Flex in Dalian, to meet demands for automobile parts in China.


  • 1996

    NovemberChiba Plant 1 and 2 demerged as AC flex Co., Ltd. and Proflex Co., Ltd.



    DecemberEstablished O-FLEX, INC. in Tennessee, USA to provide impact energy absorbers to US automobile manufacturers.


  • 1999

    JuneIncreased capital to JPY 105 million.


  • 2002

    FebruaryEstablished Kyushu Manufacturing Department, Chiba Plant 1, and started assembling flexible hoses.



    NovemberAs former president Yoshio Otsuka became chairman, Kunio Otsuka was appointed as president.


  • 2003

    AprilStarted manufacturing nursing beds at Otsuka Tech Co., Ltd.



    AugustStarted manufacturing inflator pipes at AC Flex Co., Ltd.



    OctoberUS O-FLEX, INC. was split into four companies, and O-FLEX Group, Inc. became holding company.


  • 2005

    JanuaryEstablished Shanghai Flex in Shanghai, China.


  • 2007

    JanuaryOhtsuka Co., Ltd. merged with four domestic manufacturing affiliates to integrate manufacturing and sales.



    MayAcquired SEACO (O-FLEX METAL FINISHING, INC.), which performs alumite treatment in Alabama, USA.


  • 2009

    AprilConstructed Funabashi Plant in Funabashi High-Tech Park and relocated Ichikawa Plant.



    DecemberIntegrated operations of Shanghai Flex, China into Dalian Flex, China.


  • 2014

    AprilAs former president Kunio Otsuka became chairman, Hiroyuki Otsuka was appointed as president.


  • 2017

    MarchReduced capital to JPY 100 million.


  • 2019

    AprilEstablished Wuhan Flex as the second production base in China.


  • 2020

    MarchMarking the 100th anniversary of founding, head office building was rebuilt and completed.



    MarchEstablished OHTSUKA FLEXTUBE INDIA PVT. LTD. in New Delhi, India as a production base in India.


  • 2022

    JanuaryRestructured Headquarters Tokyo Sales Division and established Tokyo Branch.


    AprilChiba Plant 1 changed its name to Chiba Yonemichi Plant. Unified Chiba Plant 2 and Chiba Plant 3 and established Chiba Miharadai Plant.