We provide high quality products stably at reasonable prices
to live up to the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

OHTSUKA Co., Ltd. aims to be a proposal-based company that strives to improve customer satisfaction.
We offer stable prices and world-class high-quality products with speed.

Ohtsuka's products are used in various parts of each industry.

Since its founding, Ohtsuka Co., Ltd. has been developing and offering products that satisfy our customers, centering on reliable technology and stable high quality.
Under the philosophy of being a "proposal-based company," we aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing high quality products in various fields such as automobile parts, air conditioning equipment, and industrial equipment.

Ohtsuka's technology is utilized in various industries such as automobile, construction, and hydraulic equipment. We have been providing safe and secure, low price, high-quality products to all our customers.

In addition, through our network not only in Japan but also overseas, we contribute to this age of globalization by coordinating with each location so that we can receive orders, manufacture, and deliver our products to customers in Japan and overseas without delay. We aim to be a company that can make proposals that meet needs and requests of more customers by continually exerting ourselves in all work involving technology, research, and operation without being satisfied with our current situation.